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3 Major Benefits Of Online SaaS Training 

Whether you need to quickly bring employees up to speed or you want to increase brand awareness, creating an online training platform is key to scaling your business over the long-term. 

SaaS online training can revolutionize the way customers interact with your brand while saving your company both time and money. Most large companies already have an abundance of content, but it’s not getting repurposed in a way that delivers high return on investment (ROI). 

Things like recorded meetings and company seminars can easily be turned into valuable marketing and training assets, which saves time on generating new content ideas. If you’re curious how online SaaS training can benefit your organization, here are three benefits to consider.

Low Risk & Low Investment 

Unlike the expenses of setting up a traditional classroom environment for all your employees, online SaaS training is relatively easy to install. It eliminates the need for building costly in-house training departments that can quickly become a strain on companies with limited budgets. 

And because SaaS platforms are cloud-based, this makes them a generally low risk investment that can be changed and refined over time. Another reason online SaaS training is preferable is because it’s immediately available – all that’s required is a browser and a device.

Versatile Integrations With Existing Structures 

Online training platforms are highly versatile and can be aligned with your company’s changing needs or demands. 

There’s no need to worry about re-configuring hardware or complicated software systems, because SaaS applications can be integrated into your current IT infrastructure. This makes SaaS online training easily scalable within your organization. 

If your business already has a robust LMS system, an online SaaS platform can also serve as a valuable addition to your training repository. This seamless compatibility with other structures helps your company streamline and optimize the learning experience of your customers and employees. 

Depending on the training goals of your business, SaaS training allows you to customize and tailor the content to the desired outcome.

Microlearning Design 

A popular buzzword in the e-learning industry, microlearning refers to short-term learning structures that deliver users “bite-size” snippets of useful information. 

SaaS training typically follows the principles of microlearning by delivering content on an as-needed basis, allowing users to access the specific content they need based on their competencies. 

This makes the entire learning process more approachable for a wider audience, and makes it easier for participants to retain the information. And with evidence that attention spans are indeed getting shorter, a microlearning approach gets your message across quickly and efficiently. 

We Can Help Scale Your SaaS Online Training 

At SaaS Universities, we specialize in helping companies take advantage of the existing content they already have in order to create a thriving SaaS training platform. 

You already have a wealth of resources at your fingertips; you just need to harness it. 

Contact us today to speak with our team of experts on how we can transform your current content library into valuable marketing assets.  

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