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A One-Click Solution to Creating Content: The Record Button

Webinars and video calls are a treasure trove of content for your team, customers, and audience. The next time you record one (you are recording them aren’t you?), don’t just record it for your employees or clients who can’t attend live. 

No matter if that Zoom or GoToWebinar meeting is internal training for your sales team, onboarding for clients, or company updates, there’s content you can glean from it. Let’s take a deep dive into all of the ways you can put them to work for you.

Internal Training: Training your sales or customer service teams? Can the material be used to teach customers as well? Think of a frequently asked questions page you can create from these calls. Education on the latest trends that you include in customer service training can be turned into an infographic. Is there a specific quote, or mantra your internal team uses that is “shareable?” 

What content can be edited and created into client training videos? Utilize editing software to create several shorter videos from one longer video. Add them to your company’s resource page. This will allow prospective clients or customers to get a feel for how your product or service works.

Company Meetings:  Those internal meetings where leaders announce new hires, company news, and organizational goals are all great content for a blog post, press release, and social media updates. 

  • Tip: Take a “Brady Bunch” style photo of your team the next time you’re on a webinar or video call. Use the image on social media, your blog, or your team page. This shows the human side of your organization.

Client Onboarding: What information do you tell clients that would be helpful for prospective clients? An overview of how your platform works? The features, support, and other services your company will provide them? The next time an account manager does a kick-off call or intro, record it and use it as marketing material (excluding any confidential client information, of course). 

Sales Call: The next time a team member hops on a sales demo, record it. Include the demo on your sales or services page. Do you have the script that your team uses on these calls formally written up? If not, transcribe the call and turn it into marketing material, such as a blog post or infographic. Educate your website visitors, and reap the benefits of adding more relevant content that will help your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

To make your life easier, save time by getting your video calls captioned or transcribed. offers these services with a turnaround time dependent on the length of your webinar. 

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