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Education-Based Marketing 101: How to Get Started

You don’t need a teaching degree to excel at education-based marketing. Steve Olenski, CMO Network, says it best: Education-based marketing is the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust.

Think about all of the company assets you have, sitting in a folder unused: training material, company documents, slide decks, etc. They can be turned into digital learning for your employees, blog posts and content for your website and resources for your clients.

What about the leaders in your company, with years of experience and valuable industry knowledge to pass onto others? Encourage them to author a few blog posts.

Education-based marketing can be used in virtually all industries. The grocery store chain Harris Teeter has a section of their website dedicated to recipes, and another section for cooking inspiration.

Wix, the website creation site, houses an active blog on topics ranging from brand identity creation to how to choose your site background.

When users spend time on these sites and share their knowledge, they earn the trust of the consumer. “Education-based marketing gives customers the information they need to understand what your business offers and to appreciate your company’s products and services,” says author and entrepreneur Steven Imke.

Once you begin to publish this content, don’t forget to distribute it to maximize reach. Tweet it, share it on social media, and email your existing or prospective customers that may find it useful.

So start thinking: What resources can you share with prospective customers, or visitors who stumbled onto your site?

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