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Here’s Why You Should Create A Corporate University

The data doesn’t lie: Employees want their employers to provide educational opportunities. In a survey of over 14,000 people conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value and Survey Monkey, 43% of respondents wanted employers to offer career advancement opportunities, and 36% wanted continuous learning opportunities.

Tim Minahan, executive vice president of business strategy at Citrix, agrees. “Organizations will need to prioritize reskilling and upskilling to attract and retain the talent they need to make their businesses grow.” 

An answer to this popular request are corporate universities. Corporate universities house tailored-made training and education material, all under the company itself.

They can include:

  • Training for sales reps to sharpen their upselling skills
  • Scenario-based learning for customer service
  • Onboarding for new team members

Need encouragement to get started? The content you need to get your university off the ground is likely already created. Review the internal documents you have for new employees, or notes you took from a product launch. Turn these into explainer videos or an adaptive learning course. What wisdom can your CEO offer to new hires? Once you begin to think about what assets you already have, it’s easy to build on it. For example, we take existing material from clients: webinars, slide decks, video content, and turn them into digital learning. And if you’re a SaaS organization looking to create a SaaS university, we can build it for you. Find out more here.

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