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How to Overcome the Top 3 Challenges of Compliance Training in BioTech

An industry like biotechnology, which is closely involved with people’s wellbeing, is most often subject to scrutiny with regard to its legal and ethical standards. The BioTech industry, more than most, needs to be able to demonstrate its adherence to good practice. Compliance must, therefore, be a major priority for firms in the field of BioTech. Good-quality training, at every level, is of vital importance; and in a constantly changing field, few organizations are likely to have the resources in-house. Successful companies seek compliance training support from experts for effective, ongoing compliance training.

Compliance training, however, has negative connotations. Despite its utmost importance, compliance training is most often viewed as boring and repetitive. This doesn’t have to be the case. In an industry that is advancing at every corner, it’s time that compliance training evolves with it. 

Here, we highlight just three of the major challenges that come with compliance training, especially in the world of BioTech.

  1. Engagement

Compliance training has a reputation for being boring and irrelevant. This is because compliance training often repeats itself yearly, with only slightly updated content. This can cause employees to “check out,” missing out on important updates. Compliance training is meant to satisfy scientific, administrative, and regulatory compliance. The problem is that it is not always diversified by skill level or department, making it viewed as irrelevant. 

These issues can be targeted through elearning with relevant scenarios. Scenarios make learning more relevant by focusing on the direct needs of each learnerer at their specific level. As opposed to straightforward lectures that allow you to simply mark employees as “compliant,” immersive scenario-based training puts people into a realistic context where they can see consequences and make necessary changes.

  1. Regulations Change Often

Compliance regulations change regularly, so it’s important to consider the training you’re using as this will affect the amount of time spent updating information where necessary. Ensuring your employees are receiving the correct information is extremely important with compliance training, especially in BioTech. Receiving out-of-date procedures or policies could cause a much more serious issue further down the line. 

Digital resources are easy to update, and being available on-demand ensures everyone can access this up-to-date information immediately. This minimizes the chance of out-of-date information being accessible and also saves L&D teams from spending hours updating and implementing new content.

  1. Accessibility

By limiting your compliance training to a specific program or classroom course, you’re going to find you’re missing a huge opportunity to target your employees whilst in the workflow and on the move. Using an on-demand learning platform for your digital resources means your employees can access your training anywhere, anytime. You’ll find you will no longer be limiting the hours your staff can access their training, instead of providing them with the information at a time that suits them, and is far more likely to be retained and used because it’s acquired at the point-of-need.

At Allarium, we understand the challenge and importance of staying in compliance in BioTech. Our engaging scenario-based training helps keep your employees up to date on the latest rules and regulations across all fields and skill levels. Need assistance with your compliance training? Talk to us today.

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