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How to Pick the Right Training Platform for Your Employees

Training is one of the cornerstones of your organization’s functioning, as it teaches employees the skills and understanding they need to succeed in their role. And with so many platforms out there, it may feel challenging to find the right fit to host courses for your employees.

Each platform on the market offers unique advantages. To find the best option for your team, it is best to identify your priorities and compare them to a list of offered features. Whatever your top concern – be it customization tools or pre-built options – there is a training platform out there that will serve your employees and deliver on your must-haves. 

Here is an overview of several top-rated training platforms and their features. 


Lessonly is designed to cut down on time wasted by inefficient and ineffective training. Built specifically for coaching employees, Lessonly provides your organization with the tools to completely customize your training process. 

Training with Lessonly goes beyond relaying basic information. With practice writing emails, delivering presentations, and resolving client requests, employees are prepared to respond to the real-world responsibilities of their role. Supervisors are able to view and comment on practice tasks, providing your team with valuable feedback for improvement. 


Built by experts in online learning, LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that allows organizations to design their own training courses from the ground up. With fully customizable lessons, quizzes, and assignments, there are no limits to what you can create with LearnDash.

Whether your employees need one training course or ten, you can use LearnDash to build engaging and easy to use learning experiences. Not to mention, courses can be continually updated so your team can always count on the most up-to-date knowledge.

While Lessonly is designed specifically for employee training, LearnDash offers educational experiences for both employees and customers. If your training experience may prove useful to clients, your organization can also offer it as a course for sale.  

On-Demand Options 

Not every organization requires customized training experiences. If your organization would rather use pre-existing courses, there are several excellent options available to meet your needs. 

Skillshare offers a bank of more than 25,000 learning materials on thousands of topics, including common training subjects like sales pitching, customer service, and presentation skills. With easy sign-up options, your team can begin learning in less than an hour. And if Skillshare doesn’t have what you need, you might find it at Udemy. With over 150,000 courses, Udemy’s library of similar topics is extensive and ready for employees to use anytime, anywhere. 

On-demand options like these are a great way to encourage ongoing learning for employees, without requiring your organization to spend time and money building customized courses to cover each topic. Browse through SaaS Universities directory of courses offered by SaaS companies.

Learning with Allarium

Choosing a training platform comes down to identifying the unique needs of your team and your organization. But regardless of the choice you make, educating employees is a valuable investment in your organization’s future. 
If you’re ready to reimagine how you train employees to do their best, Allarium can help. With demonstrated expertise in building engaging learning experiences, our team can get your organization on the path to training success. Reach out today to learn more about creating custom courses with Allarium.

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