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The Valuable Results of Implementing e-Learning In The Workplace

Access to new knowledge is merely one click away in our ever-digitizing world. Education has been transformed by this remarkable capability, bringing forth new avenues to organize it into quality learning experiences. 

E-learning, a learning experience delivered electronically, is an increasingly popular way to provide employees with ongoing education in the workplace. It is cost-effective, does not require a rigid schedule, and builds a robust skill set within a company.

When companies invest in providing e-learning opportunities to their employees, the overwhelmingly positive results are indisputable. Below are five valuable results that occur when implementing e-learning in the workplace.

Employee Retention 

Employees want to stick around when they feel valued by their employer. This is especially relevant in the age of ‘The Great Resignation’, where employees have grown tired of being overworked and underappreciated. 

Offering e-learning opportunities to employees communicates that they are valued not only as individuals but also that their skill sets are worth investing in. Placing an emphasis on developing these skills will boost morale and promote loyalty among employees. 

Improved Engagement

There is a difference between simply going through the motions in the workplace and truly being engaged. Engaged employees report a greater sense of satisfaction at work and increased productivity. 

E-learning builds out existing or new skill sets in employees that allow them to progress in their careers. Employees will then be able to utilize newfound skills and knowledge to expand their capabilities. E-learning counteracts a stagnant workplace, providing a dynamic pace that will be sure to keep employees engaged.

Time and Money Savings

E-learning benefits a company’s loyal employees, but also saves significant cash in the long run. Instead of hiring a course instructor, catering lunch, and renting the space, e-learning cuts those trivial costs as courses can be accessed at any time from any location. 

There is an upfront cost to building an e-learning course, but after the initial investment, the opportunities to scale are endless. With the technology ready to go, employers can regularly add different topics and subjects. Furthermore, employees can access courses on their own time, ridding individuals of the need for travel, or making time in their schedule for a specific time slot. 

Measurable and Concrete Reports 

Instead of tracking down disheveled registration forms, e-learning supplies a sleek way for employers to gauge key metrics in their courses. That way, companies can accurately gauge their ROI. With a Learning Management System (LMS), it is easy to access information like course completion rate or time spent on a given course or module.

With this valuable data readily available, companies can continually tailor their e-learning offerings based on this data, furthering its effectiveness. Employers can therefore maximize e-learning’s investment to develop a more productive, comprehensive, and happier team.   

Community Building

Interacting and learning with fellow colleagues does not always have to take place in a stale conference room. With the advanced sophistications of e-learning, interaction among coworkers is easy enjoyable with tools like live mini-trainings or discussion boards. 

Bringing a team together in a creative environment like this will boost morale and collaboration. Getting great minds together in this educational medium will inevitably lead to innovation. 
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