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Tips on Getting Organic Traffic

Paid traffic is a simple concept. An aspiring chef is drawn to advertisements for kitchen gadgets and meal kits. An avid hunter checks out a montage of camouflage vests or outdoor packs. Guitarists are attracted to amplifiers and new strings. 

As users scroll through social media or search engine results, a well-placed and designed paid advertisement on the feed works as a form of clickbait, hopefully leading customers to purchase on the destination website. If a company has the money and a strong advertising game, this can be highly effective at achieving a purchase. 

The problem with these paid digital marketing methods is that they are hit or miss when it comes to customer retention. Unless there is the perfect product or resource to hold the customer on the destination website, retention is less likely. 

Organic traffic, on the other hand, is generated by customer queries and what they are already looking for, not what someone pays to put in front of them. It means that a customer clicks on a website because they are specifically and purposefully looking for the service or information that website is providing. Organic traffic arises out of an existing, consumer-driven (not company-driven) need. 

It’s not surprising that getting organic traffic is one of the greatest challenges for a new company. Without extensive referrals and paid pushes for publicity, it is difficult to get yourself ahead of more popular names. But although this form of digital marketing is hard work, it is worth it when it comes to return-on-investment (ROI) and steady growth.  

So how is this done? 

Getting organic traffic is possible by consistently producing quality content that builds a readership. Competitive companies meet the needs of their customers not only by their products but by helping customers problem-solve. This requires going beyond the product itself to how to best use it and put it into context of the broader market. This can take the form of a company blog or resources page that provides customers with valuable knowledge as they navigate what they need, why products work, and how a company’s services can best work for them in a sea of options.

Take shoe shopping for example, and put yourself in the “shoes” of the average online consumer.

You need new shoes, so you search for new shoes. But why do you need new shoes, and how will you find the shoes you need? Is the sole wearing out? Maybe you have a job that keeps you on your feet. Where can find a good shoe without having to buy inserts? Are you a runner training for a marathon? Maybe you have a unique foot shape or medical need. 

These are the queries that can get organic traffic. But if a company cannot provide any answers to your questions about shoes, it is less likely that you will click on the link that takes you to their shoes. 

Putting time and effort into explaining why are shoes designed in a particular way, what kinds of soles provide the most comfort and functionality for a nurse or teacher, the most affordable cleats for a kid’s football team, and highlighting the most up-to-date styles for the boardroom expands a company’s net to catch customers who are looking for solutions.  

While providing this information to customers seems to go beyond a company’s standard operations, it can be highly effective to get organic traffic that retains customers. Providing diverse resources for your customers can attract them back to your site and build trust in your brand. 

If you’re sold on the need to generate this kind of content for your customers and get organic traffic, it may seem like an overwhelming endeavor. It takes effort and time to publish a well-developed blog, organize a resources page, or even to figure out what questions your customers are asking—much less how to answer them. 

This is how Allarium can help your company thrive. Using search engine optimization and professional writers and researchers, we’ll  do the work for you. We can  pinpoint the resources your customers are looking for and develop quality content from the materials you already have to get organic traffic to your site and build a reliable base for services you provide. 

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