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Stories have an incredible impact on humans, both intellectually and emotionally. Stories communicate information in the exact manner in which we think, how we process and absorb information, how we see ourselves, and how we influence others. Storytelling is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience, including your learners. 

If you’re experiencing employee training and development problems, it may be time to change how you think about your processes. We’ve outlined four best practices for overcoming employee training and development problems, and how you can implement them into your workplace learning. 

Traditionally, financial literacy has been approached either as budgeting 101, or a precursor for a career in investing. Now more than ever, there is a need for financial literacy that targets a gray area in between- where business and financial investments collide. The potential for investments is great, and growing every year. Here are three reasons why you should train your employees in financial literacy to expertly navigate the financial world.

From a learning science perspective — the marriage of psychology and brain science — the goal of corporate learning and development is lofty. But, 72% of students report that they have a better time learning and remembering topics if video lectures are backed up with assignments or practical tasks that they can apply their minds to. Enter scenario-based learning.

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