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Increase Engagement with Storytelling for eLearning

Stories have an incredible impact on humans, both intellectually and emotionally. Stories communicate information in the exact manner in which we think, how we process and absorb information, how we see ourselves, and how we influence others. Storytelling is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience, including your learners. 

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4 Tips For Running A Successful SaaS Online Training Course 

Most people tend to resist change, whether consciously or subconsciously. The human brain can occasionally interpret change as a potential threat because it disrupts our comfort zone. When faced with the task of conducting SaaS online training, you’ll need to take this into consideration as you design your presentation. How you structure the course will have a huge impact on whether your audience receives it and understands it in the intended way. If the advantages of your SaaS online training are clearly shown in the course, people will be much more likely to adopt it. Here are four tips on how to make it a success.

saas online training

3 Major Benefits Of Online SaaS Training 

Whether you need to quickly bring employees up to speed or you want to increase brand awareness, creating an online training platform is key to scaling your business over the long-term. Things like recorded meetings and company seminars can easily be turned into valuable marketing and training assets, which saves time on generating new content ideas. If you’re curious how online SaaS training can benefit your organization, here are three benefits to consider.

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3 Business Benefits of Offering Online SaaS Certifications

Developing a tool that is impactful, helpful, and meets the needs of your target market and creates immense value is a notable achievement and a large part of promising business ventures. However, innovative ideas for SaaS solution software designs only go as far as a consumer’s ability to use them. For this very reason, SaaS companies everywhere are compiling and developing SaaS universities and SaaS certifications to propagate a more user-friendly company model and to compliment their software services.