effect of gamification

This is Your Brain on Fun: The Effect of Gamification on Workplace Learning

Gamification is the process of bringing game elements into anything that is not in a game context. While gamification has recently  become a buzzword, the idea isn’t new. Humans have been trying to make boring and even unpleasant tasks fun for a long time. When used effectively, gamification encourages habit development through positive reinforcement, whether that’s engaging with an app, performing better in a job, or buying more of a product. Here are five examples of the effect of gamification, and how it can improve workplace learning.

what is employee education

What is Employee Education?

Every company has its share of employee training, and there is no denying its importance. Onboarding offers the knowledge needed to integrate into the company, while skills training is conducted to fulfill a specific knowledge or skills gap. But what is employee education, and how is it different from employee training? Here are three key benefits of employee education and how organizations can leverage education as a strategic investment.

storytelling for elearning

Increase Engagement with Storytelling for eLearning

Stories have an incredible impact on humans, both intellectually and emotionally. Stories communicate information in the exact manner in which we think, how we process and absorb information, how we see ourselves, and how we influence others. Storytelling is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience, including your learners. 

financial literacy scenario based training

Why Employers Should Invest in Financial Literacy Training in 2022

Traditionally, financial literacy has been approached either as budgeting 101, or a precursor for a career in investing. Now more than ever, there is a need for financial literacy that targets a gray area in between- where business and financial investments collide. The potential for investments is great, and growing every year. Here are three reasons why you should train your employees in financial literacy to expertly navigate the financial world.

online compliance training courses

How to Overcome the Top 3 Challenges of Compliance Training in BioTech

Compliance is a major priority for firms in the field of BioTech. Good-quality training, at every level, is of vital importance; and in a constantly changing field, few organizations are likely to have the resources in-house. Successful companies seek compliance training support from experts for effective, ongoing compliance training. Here, we highlight just three of the major challenges that come with compliance training, especially in the world of BioTech.

simulation based skills training

Why You Should Focus on Your Soft Skills with Simulation Based Skills Training

In today’s evolving workplace, strong interpersonal skills are of utmost importance. In an age of automation, those qualities that make us our most human are the exact characteristics that employers look to find and foster in their teams. Studies have found that 97 percent of employers declared that soft skills are just as or more important than hard skills.