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How to Generate New Ideas for Your SaaS University

Building and maintaining a SaaS university is a true creative endeavor. Keeping up to date on what your audience wants to learn and how they want to learn it is an ongoing task, and one that’s vital to the success of your university. 

Whether you’re starting to brainstorm for a future SaaS university or you’re ready to add some new options to one you’ve already built, coming up with learning experiences that your audience wants to engage with will help ensure the success of your efforts. 

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Look to the competition

Your competition can teach you valuable lessons about what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s a great delivery method for courses or a marketing approach that falls flat, learning from the successes and failures of your competitors will help set your organization up for success. 

Beyond strategies, your competition also serves as an opportunity to survey the market. Taking a look at your shared market space to find areas of oversaturation and gaps that need to be filled is a highly effective first step toward your next great idea. 

Consider your expertise

Even if there is interest in a particular topic, your courses are only effective if you have relevant expertise to share. Attempting to educate your audience on topics too far outside your organizational wheelhouse can result in watered-down content that fails to connect with learners. 

However, on the flip side, producing content that falls within your area of expertise is far more likely to successfully engage and equip your audience with valuable tools for success. Learners want information from reliable sources with demonstrated authority on their subject matter. When looking for new ideas for your SaaS university, look to what your organization does best. 

Factor in your FAQs

One of the fundamental purposes of a SaaS university is to educate your market. Your content, therefore, should provide answers to the questions they are asking. 

Taking a look at your most frequently asked questions can help determine where more context is needed. Perhaps customers don’t understand a particular set of product features. This provides an opportunity for your organization to build a course that meets a need and resolves a particular pain point for users. 

Talk to your audience

There’s no better way to figure out what your audience wants than to head straight for the source. Whether you send out a survey or conduct face-to-face interviews, real customers and employees who have experience with your products and services can provide more personalized insight into audience needs than any other resource. 

Through asking your audience to share their struggles and experiences, you can quickly and effectively identify new course ideas to meet those needs. And by first establishing interest, you avoid the frustrating process of building and deploying courses that fail to engage your audience.

If you’re looking for new and creative ideas for your SaaS university, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we help our clients build and scale engaging learning experiences for their markets. 

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