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3 Business Benefits of Offering Online SaaS Certifications

Developing a tool that is impactful, helpful, and meets the needs of your target market and creates immense value is a notable achievement and a large part of promising business ventures. However, innovative ideas for SaaS solution software designs only go as far as a consumer’s ability to use them. For this very reason, SaaS companies everywhere are compiling and developing SaaS universities and SaaS certifications to propagate a more user-friendly company model and to compliment their software services.

Investing in building SaaS certifications can impact current business development and strongly influence business growth in a competitive marketplace over time. Offering SaaS certifications contribute to the enhancement and advancement of these three profitable business practices:

  • Brand-Building

Establishing and building a brand is an essential component of successful business development. Branding sets your company apart and tells potential customers what makes your company and your innovative software different and better. For that reason, the most impactful and lasting brands are those where SaaS development faithfully follows consumer needs. SaaS certifications operate to build a customer-focused brand, showing that your company wants to invest in their customers, so much so that they offer an in-depth learning experience for their users.  

Additionally, when a company has an established brand working for them in the marketplace, advertising and marketing efforts function more effectively and seamlessly. When this happens, software advertisements won’t have to work as hard to capture audience awareness; instead, marketing becomes more about maintaining a top-of-mind presence in the marketplace. Offering valuable SaaS certifications keep a company message relevant and the benefits and features of a software user-friendly.

  • Visibility

Along with brand-building comes company and SaaS software visibility. If branding is the boat keeping a SaaS company and its software afloat in a saturated marketplace, visibility is the oars. Visibility keeps a company moving, steering it in the right direction by putting a solidified brand in front of the right audience that will want to purchase and utilize it. 

Another brilliant way to increase company visibility and establish your company as an expert in your software niche is by presenting users with digital badges and completion credentials for successfully finishing SaaS certifications. Digital badges can be displayed on email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, or social media pages. These completion badges can also be designed to link to your company website and SaaS certification courses to promote further visibility and contribute to potential leads and SaaS software sales. SaaS certification badges add value to your customer’s learning experience and career portfolio and act as effective word-of-mouth advertising for your SaaS company without incurring additional marketing costs.              

  • Streamline Service

Another way that SaaS certifications work to benefit the bottom line for your business and support your customers is by streamlining service. SaaS certifications can take a new customer from first-time buyer to educated-user seamlessly and without the need for additional customer support costs. 

SaaS certifications also teach your software users how to effectively and efficiently use your SaaS software solution in a manner that adds value to their life. SaaS certifications act as a preemptive customer engagement tool rather than a reactive one. It is less likely users will need to contact your support team for help troubleshooting when they have easy access to learning tools that can help them utilize the software; this inherently contributes to a better overall customer experience.

SaaS companies can set themselves apart in their industry by designing and developing valuable software tools for their consumers as well as investing in offering SaaS certifications and resources to teach their customer base how to thoroughly utilize their valuable digital tools. Along with the value provided, SaaS certifications work to build brands, increase visibility in the marketplace, and cut support costs by making the user experience more intuitive.

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