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How Does Scenario-Based Simulation Training Benefit Employees?

In most cases, new employees spend their first few days or weeks on the job undergoing the training process. This process is what prepares new hires for the responsibilities of their role, making it highly important that it’s done right. 

But learning doesn’t end with that initial training process. In fact, a recent study from Sitel Group found that 37% of employees would leave their job if their company failed to offer ongoing skills-based training. Training is the tool through which you empower your employees with understanding of their role, confidence in their skills, and preparedness to face challenges as they arise. 

Scenario-based simulation training is an approach that many organizations have found effective in teaching and preparing their employees with relevant professional skills. This kind of learning utilizes real-life situations to test critical thinking, decision making, and other abilities. 

Here are a few ways employees can benefit from scenario-based simulation training. 

Applied understanding

Traditional professional training often involves sitting in front of a computer for hours, listening to a monotone voice explain basic concepts again and again. This approach offers little value to most employees, as it is largely detached from real-world scenarios. 

With scenario-based simulation training, employees have the opportunity to apply educational concepts to relevant situations they may face in the workplace. This kind of learning is engaging, applicable, and often proves more effective in shaping employee understanding long after the training process is complete. 

Improved retention

From elementary school teachers to career coaches, it is widely observed that hands-on learning offers marked increases in understanding and retention of concepts. And in the professional environment, it is imperative that the information you impart on employees during training stays with them well into their time with your organization. 

Scenario-based simulation training draws employees in with interactive lessons, building a deeper — and more long-term — understanding of training materials. By investing in training experiences that work, your organization can spend less time reviewing and re-teaching the same concepts, and more time reaping the benefits of effective learning. 

Boost employee confidence

For many employees, starting a new position is a nerve-wracking endeavor. Effective training should alleviate your new-hire’s fears and offer them the confidence they need to get started on the right foot. 

Scenario-based simulation training serves as a sort of “trial-run” for employees, offering them the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a low-stakes learning environment before moving on to the real thing. This allows employees to learn from their mistakes before they have real-world implications. 

Employee confidence makes a major difference in your organization’s productivity and workplace culture. And empowering your team with confidence in their skills pays off in a multitude of areas, reaching far beyond the onboarding process. 

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