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How to Get the Most Out of Your Content

Congratulations! You’ve hit publish on your blog post, edited that video, or recorded your podcast. If you’re like most of us,  you spend hours creating a single piece of content, cross it off your to-do list, and move on to the next project. If so, you’re missing out on opportunities to give your work the attention it deserves.

People consume content differently. Some people listen to podcasts 24/7; others prefer to catch up on industry news on their commute home. If you only publish your content in one format, you could be missing out on audiences. You can market your business online more effectively if you meet your customers where they are.

Use these ideas to help you get inspired to make your content go the extra mile:

What other forms can your asset take? If you’ve recorded a podcast, transcribe it and turn it into a blog post. Use content creation tools like Canva to create an image that highlights an outstanding quote, share it on social media and link it back to the podcast. A white paper can be turned into a blog post, and if it’s timely, a press release. Lots of data? Turn it into an infographic.

Make sure that every piece of content you create is distributed on your social media channels. Use a social media tool like Hootsuite to send it out a couple of times.

The content you put out is valuable…so tell people about it! Send it to those that would find it useful, like clients.

And don’t forget: Create a standardized creation and content distribution process for everything you create. The time you invest in this will pay off in the long run.

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