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Why is Frequency of Content Marketing Important?

If you’re putting in the time and effort to maintain a blog for your organization, then you have likely already been persuaded of the value of content marketing. But what you might not realize is how important the frequency at which you produce and share new content truly is. 

While you might assume that a new blog post once or twice a month is enough to keep up with the competition, experts suggest that your organization should be sharing new content an average of three times a week. In a recent study of the blogs of more than 13,500 companies, HubSpot found that organizations publishing at least 16 articles a month earned 3.5 times more traffic than their competitors posting only 4 times a month. 

Clearly, there’s something to be said for posting more often. But in case you need further convincing, here a few more reasons your organization should be focusing on frequency for content marketing success. 

It boosts your organic search ranking

Your blog is a major driver for increased website traffic. And as you know, one of the best ways to get new eyes on your website is to earn a spot on the coveted first page of search results. Search engines like Google and Bing pick up on content frequency and boost rankings for websites that regularly share new and unique posts. 

If your organization is looking to improve its organic search rankings, the key to your success lies in your posting schedule. By increasing the rate at which you create and publish fresh content, you improve your chances of appearing in search results and bringing fresh eyes to your website. 

It establishes credibility

The content you post to your blog plays a major role in establishing your credibility as a subject-matter expert in your industry. And the more you share valuable insights on your blog, the more your audience will regard your organization as an authority on the topics you discuss. 

Your blog is one of the best ways to communicate to your audience who you are, what you know, and why you know it best. It is the platform with which you can establish your thought leadership and earn the trust of your readers. And the more content you post, the more opportunities you have to demonstrate the breadth of your expertise. 

It builds your audience

With content marketing, consistency is key. Rather than sporadic articles that receive inconsistent and unpredictable engagement, a regular content schedule helps your audience to know when to expect new content and boosts the likelihood that it will gain traction. 

On the other hand, an infrequently or irregularly updated blog is unlikely to establish regular readership. By committing to a schedule of three or more new posts per week, your organization can avoid spending time on articles that go largely unread and instead build a consistent audience for your content. 

Frequency is critical to the success of your content marketing efforts. If your organization is ready to get on the road to a successful and impactful content marketing strategy, Allarium can help. Contact us today to learn more about increasing your engagement and developing thought leadership through content marketing.

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